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Activity Update

Hi everybody, this is AE. 

I know it's been a very very long time since we've been active, and it's mostly been my fault for letting this project fall to the wayside due to other things in real life taking over, especially work. 

However, I don't want to entirely abandon this just yet.  I've sent out an email to the old team to see if any of them are still around and interested in subbing.  I don't know where this is going to go--we may lose some people, I may never hear from some of the old team members ever again, and there may be a need to reopen the call for staff. 

Regardless of what happens, if I can manage to muster up the people to fill the needed roles (at least 1 translator, timer, and quality check), we will definitely continue subbing. 

Whatever happens, I'll keep everyone posted! 


Welcome to Saku!

Another new member has joined us!  Saku will be quality checking for us in place of eunicep, who is currently on hiatus for RL reasons. 

We should be able to start on new work soon~~



Welcome to Vivica!

Just a brief announcement: we have a new staff member, Vivica!  As of the moment, she is set to work on translation checking.  I'll get to updating the profiles everywhere asap!

Also--I /swear/ we will start churning out episodes eventually.  I'm just at one of those critical junctures of life, wherein it's hard to work on side projects and stuff.  ^^; 


Episode 6 Release!

Hello, all! 

That took a lot longer than we anticipated, but we all got super-busy, so here it is, fresh from the hands of our awesome staff. 

May I present: Episode 6~

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Qin's Moon Episode 7 - Translation Editing/Timing
Qin's Moon Episode 8 - Translating

Brief Note

There was some discussion about this within the team, so I thought I should make a note. 

Fansubbing is rather borderline in terms of legality, but Qin's Moon is not licensed for the US, and it doesn't seem likely to be anytime in the future.  If it ever receives an English license, we will stop fansubbing it immediately.  

To all the people who watch our fansubs: please do not redistribute our videos for profit, and do not put them up for download anywhere.  We mean no harm by doing these subs, we simply want to share the world of Qin's Moon with more people.  If you sell our videos or put them on download sites, it makes it more likely to get us in trouble, and then that means no more fansubs for any of us.  So please, if you would like the share the series, please refer people to our streaming videos on youtube. 

Qin's Moon Episode 6 - Translation Editing/Timing
Qin's Moon Episode 7 - Translating Editing

Episode 5 Release!

Yay for Episode 5~

Everyone please please show some love to our amazing team, who made it possible to put this episode out in record time!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Also, a few of the members put together an AMV, so please check it out!

Qin's Moon Episode 6 - Translation Editing/Timing
Qin's Moon Episode 7 - Translating

Staff Call (Mostly) Closed

Just FYI for everybody.

As we have a team of six running this candy stand, we really don't need anymore at the moment.

UNLESS you want to help us run the websites, and/or help Qian with the wikipedia. Anyone interested can contact us.

Also--we really need some publicity people. Whether or not you want to officially join the team, we'd be eternally grateful if you could go out and spread the word, if you like our work. Or just the series.

Thank you~


Qin's Moon Episode 5: Timing
Qin's Moon Episode 6: Translating

More New Members!!

Hi, all!

We've recently obtained TWO new members~

Please join me in welcoming Qian and Starspawn!

Qian will be doing quality check with eunicep, and Starspawn will take over AE's half of the translation.

Our current staff list:

Chief Editor: AuroraExecution
Translators: Pineapple, Starspawn
Timer: AfonsoPt
Quality Check: Eunicep79, Qian

Also, a progress update: episode 5 is halfway translated and edited, and is awaiting times. Starspawn will be starting the rest of the episode next week. We'll aim for a release by early-mid December, possibly?

Qin's Moon, Season 1, Episode 4 Release

Look, look, it's finally here!  The long-awaited release of Episode 4! 

Thousands of thank-yous to the rest of the awesome staff: pineapple (for translating), Afonso (for timing, some of it twice!), and eunicep (for doing a great QC). 

The quality, I am happy to announce, should be worth the wait.  We've upgraded from just using Windows Moviemaker to using Aegisub (for subbing), xvidpsp (for attaching subs), and Avisplit (for splitting into 3 parts).  The original downloaded raw video was also from a higher-quality source.  All this means the time requirement has also risen sharply, and without the rest of the staff, this would never have been possible. 

Here are the links to the youtube upload: 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Please, if you liked it, leave us some support.  All of us would be glad to see it!


Trailer Release

Hello, all! 

A new trailer for the third season of QM came out last week!  I have subbed it, and have uploaded it (along with the first trailer from the spring) to the WanzhongSubs youtube account.  

The quality of the art has improved drastically in this new season, and the amount of time it's taken them should mean it'll be really good. 

Oh, in case anyone was curious, the original release date was pushed back from mid-October, due to the creators deciding to extend the series a few episodes.  This resulted in extended production time, which has just come to a close, and the series will (we assume) be released before the end of the year.  

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Please enjoy! 

Also!  The next episode is on its way, it's just that the QC brought up several issues that need to be fixed.  I'm still searching for time.  Please bear with me, and I will try to get it out ASAP.