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New Staff!

Just wanted to let everyone know, we have acquired another staff member.  eunicep79, who subtitled episodes 1 and 2 by herself a while back, and who is responsible for me starting this project, has agreed to be our quality check! 

In other news, half of episode 4 has been subtitled, and just needs to have the timings checked, after which I will send the file to eunicep79 to have her check the translation.   Also, the switch over the new and better subbing software resulted in much higher quality subs (including animated karaoke style opening and ending lyrics!), but required a LOT of time to program. 

So, please wait for it, and I promise it won't disappoint! 

P.S. We are still willing to accept staff members, so let us know if you're interested.  ^-^  We'd especially like people who are willing to maintain the websites and/or do some publicity and spread the word~

Release Delays

Just to let everyone know, the group is having some issues at the moment.  Pineapple is the only one who is available at any time, whereas I'm personally overtaken by regular work plus another translation job (as in, a paying one), while AfonsoPt is having internet issues. 

What that means is our release of season 1, episode 4 will probably not occur for a while.  We'll see how far we get from here, and we promise it'll at least be out sometime in the fall.  Don't give up on us, please! 


If you're interested in translating or timing or quality checking, we're still recruiting new members, so let us know~

Welcome to Our New Staff Member!

AfonsoPt has recently joined our team!  He will be working on timing our subtitles for us (which will save us a LOT of time, but also allow us better quality)!  He also might be helping us with website stuff.  So, everyone, let's work hard and make even more fansubbed episodes!

We are, of course, still searching for staff, so anyone else interested in translation, quality check, timing, website maintenance, anything else you can think of.  Right now, we REALLY need a quality checker.  Our only stipulations for staff is that they know they can handle whatever they request to help with, and, if working as translator or checker, to be able to translate Mandarin Chinese (standard Chinese) to English.  Translators need to have a very good grasp of this, checkers a bit less so. 

Please don't hesitate to leave a message or contact the administrator through email/PM/whatever. 

P.S. Work on Episode 4 is beginning!  Look out for it~

Qin's Moon, Season 1, Episode 3 Release

Episode 3 is all up on youtube:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Please enjoy~

I have not yet decided whether to F-lock yet.  There is a possibility. 


Call For Staff~

At the moment, wanzhong only has 2 members, myself and pineapple (who wishes to remain anonymous, so I just picked something to call her). 

If anyone can understand Mandarin Chinese and translate it to English, please contact us if you'd like to join our team.  No experience is necessary, but please make sure you understand enough Chinese to do this.  We also need quality checkers, so we can assure the best translation possible.   

We also welcome any other prospective staff.  If anyone is good at running sites, uploading, etc., we would definitely welcome people who can care for the youtube and livejournal sites regularly.  Also, if anyone can help with starting into a more advanced subtitling program than Windows Moviemaker, and wants to make English subs of Chinese animation, please let us know!  Finally, we'd be happy to also accept anyone who might want to create a website. 

So, here's a quick breakdown of people we'd like to have join:

- translators, Chinese to English
- quality checkers

- caretakers for youtube/livejournal pages
- subtitle programmers (if interested in moving to better subbing system)
- webpage creator

If you can think of a position not mentioned here, please let us know!  Otherwise, just message or comment us. 



Welcome to Wanzhong Fansubs!

Wanzhong Fansubs is a fansub group that focuses on translating Chinese animated series.  Currently, our first project will be Qin's Moon, a show being currently released in Mainland China. 

Please feel free to message/comment us if you have any project ideas or would like to join!  Also let us know if you want to be part of the team!  Currently we only have three members, but we'd be glad to find more. 

There aren't many rules, just be considerate and please credit/inform us if you want to use something of ours. 

See you around!